Cheqout is a three person company with an appetite for hospitality and technology. Jamie met Tom on Tom’s first day of high school at Bard High School Early College on New York City’s Lower East Side. Jamie met David when David joined Airbnb's China team in San Francisco. The three are all impassioned hospitality technologists with a passion for solving complicated payment problems and creating excellent customer experiences. Cheqout is a company born on the eve of the coronavirus outbreak that is dedicated to helping restaurants resuscitate from the wake of the virus.
Jamie Sunderland
Co-Founder & CEO
Prior to Cheqout Jamie was a Software Engineer at Airbnb. A lot of the inspiration for Cheqout came from Jamie's experience working on Airbnb's China team.
Tom Sharon
Prior to Cheqout Tom was a Product Manager at Google. Tom brings a childhood dream of owning a restaurant, and experience developing technology to optimize YouTube’s business operations.
David Rincon-Cruz
Prior to Cheqout David was a Software Engineer at Airbnb. David's previous work has included working on combating financial fraud, as well as expanding Airbnb's SOA efforts.